What Our Clients Say

Thanks so much! Almost got day 1 done and feeling good besides my cravings for Chips and guac!! I hope the cravings go away!!!

The juices are all fabulous so thanks for creating them.


I finished my first three day cleanse last Friday morning and I loved it! The process was so much easier than I expected it to be, not that I really knew what to expect since it was my first one. When I picked up my juices that Monday night everyone was so helpful and had the lemon essential oil ready to go with my order. Everything was packaged so easily so I could start mindlessly on Tuesday. I did do my prep for the cleanse to make it easier also. All the information that was given from the meeting at QSA to the handouts and emails made everything so simple to do. I wasn't hungry during my cleanse nor did I feel like I had no energy. I was able to still work out at QSA with a slight change to weight amounts so I wouldn't over due it. I wasn't wanting to reach for something to eat and as the time came for me to drink my next scheduled juice, most of the time I was thinking "I'm still full from the last one". I also thought every juice was enjoyable to drink. I really liked the ones that contained beet and the spiciness of Juice 1! I will definitely be adding cleanses a couple times of year to my health routine.


I have been meaning to write to you since i finished my cleanse. I have to say this was the best experience and i will be recommending to all my family and friends. It was much easier than i expected and if i had more time i could have easily done an extra two days to make it an even 10. The things i am most surprised about are that my stomach did shrink, I find that i am eating less than i used to and my sugar cravings seem to have gone away. And let me tell you i have an addiction to sugar, hopefully i can keep it under control now. I started juicing again in the mornings and that has totally taken the place of coffee. I am feeling wonderful!!


I made it through the 3 day cleanse. It was hard at first but I did it. Down 6 lbs.


I have researched juice cleanses in Atlanta and have sampled a couple places--just not the same! Could I pick up another Reset Raw Juice Cleanse from Good To Go next week? It has become such an important part of my "stay healthy & happy" routine! Thanks so much.


I loved the 5 day cleanse. Thought it would be difficult but I really began to crave the juices.


My first experience with a juice cleanse....loved it...was full all day long....shocking for those of u that know how much I eat....lol.


DAY TEN of the Reset Raw Juice Cleanse! Been awesome. I’m going to miss it!