Timing Is Everything

Take care when deciding when to participate in a cleanse.  Timing and state of mind are essential to your success. We have seen our juices at some of the finest restaurants in town but if you’re having a birthday or going to your best friend’s wedding you probably don’t want to be cleansing at the time of the event.

Once you’ve determined the when, it’s time to think about the why.  Most folks site weight loss as their primary goal but we urge you to set you expectations higher.  Much higher.  Once you’ve gotten your digestive system operating at its optimal best your body will take care of the rest.  Let the transformation begin.

Schedule Example

Upon waking  have 16oz water with 2-4 drops of lemon essential oil (food grade) – this hydrates the body and boosts the digestive process while stimulating the liver, gallbladder, kidney and adrenals.

8am - Drink your wellness shot first thing.  This floods the body with enzymes & nutrients to give you the burst of energy you need upon waking.

9am – Juice #1 – Start Your Engine with this spicy concoction formulated to promote the release of toxic waste.

11am -  Juice #2 – Purple Power House neutralizes toxic substances that your body has been releasing throughout the morning

1pm - Juice #3 – Stamina promotes release of toxic reserves stored in joints, fat cells and relieves inflammation in general. 

3 -Juice #4 – Filler Up – Packs a satisfying punch of protein & iron packed chia seeds in juices sure to provide an energy boost and help avoid a sluggish afternoon.

5- Juice #5 – Salad Sipper is just that, a salad in a bottle.  Get those veggies in.

8 -  Juice #6 – Nite Cap is a tasty reward for a job well done that prepares you for a full night of restful sleep.  (These are available for purchase beyond your cleanse.  Folks have reported tossing the sleep aids and enjoying the Almond Mylk instead.

Drink.  Smile.  Repeat