How It Works

Juicing is the most innovative way to deliver essential nutrients to your body. This fact remains controversial precisely due to the revolutionary impact it could have on our society.  A Juice Cleanse gives you an opportunity to hit the “reset button” on your body’s systems allowing you to enjoy a healthier, slimmer and more energized body. 

Raw juices furnish the body with living enzymes, bioactive vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals that are totally destroyed when food is cooked. Juicing brings an alkaline “Prana”, or force into the body that helps neutralize the toxic acidity we all fight and endure everyday as a result of our modern diets. It also speeds recovery from dis-ease by supporting the body’s own healing activities and cellular regeneration, improving the cell’s ability to absorb nutrients, function electrically and eliminate waste and other toxic material from the body.

Juice cleanses have been recognized throughout history as contributing to our ultimate health and well-being.  You need only consult some of the earliest works of literature to find many pros touting the virtues of juice fasting, food for healing, high percentage vegetarian diets and the like.  To make an informed decision we urge you to conduct independent research and consult with your primary care physician.  Know your options and make decisions based on your personal research and the professional opinion of your medical care provider.