Getting The Most From Your Cleanse

Raw Juice Notice: Consult your physician before beginning this or any other health program.  Good To Go juices are raw and unpasteurized. No measures beyond sanitary handling practices have been taken to kill any harmful or helpful bacteria or enzymes in said juice.  Consume as scheduled at your own risk and keep refrigerated. 

Reset Raw Juice Cleanse

Suggested Schedule - Though we offer a suggested schedule the important component is that juices be consumed in the intended order.

Upon waking – 16oz H20 with 2-4 drops *lemon essential oil or fresh squeezed lemon juice.
8am – Wheatgrass/spirulina shot
10am – Juice #1
12pm – Juice #2 (optional carrot or beet salad)
2pm – Juice #3
4pm – Juice #4
6pm – Juice #5 (optional carrot or beet salad)
8pm – Juice #6 

Consume H20  w *lemon essential oil  (2-4 drops per 16oz) or lemon juice, and natural mint tea as desired.  

Work-A-Day Cleanse

Suggested Schedule – Juices may be consumed in any order.  Drink wheatgrass/spirulina on empty stomach 15 minutes before a juice.  Chia “gel-o” will help with hunger pangs and energy boost.  Drink it at your discretion.  It’s a great 3pm pick me up.

The Master Cleanse

Visit for details.
**We offer G2 100% pure grade essential oils.


Steps to success?

  • Let friends know what you’re doing and that you would like their support. 
  • Envision your successful completion before beginning.  Anticipate great results.
  • Recognize in advance any excuses you may give to break the cleanse (ie. In hurry)
  • Never go anywhere without 32oz of water and a two peppermint tea bags.
  • Meet friends at a park instead of a restaurant
  • Go for a walk instead of a hamburger (you will NEVER regret this)

Not eliminating. What can I do?

Add 1-2 tsp sea salt and high quality lemon or other detoxifying essential oil to your morning water. Wait a minimum of 15 minutes then begin drinking your juice.  Bloating can be a sign of candida yeast die off.  You may consider drinking a senna detox tea to encourage elimination.  .

Extreme hunger?

While we strongly encourage ditching all food for the length of your cleanse, we do understand that everyone is human. If temptation gets the best of you, here are a few small cheats that won’t undo all of your good work. Nobody ever even has to know.

  • Half of a fresh  avocado with lemon squeezed on it.
  • Add 1tbsp hydrated chia seeds to juice.
  • Celery or cucumber.
  • Some romaine with lemon squeezed on it. (Almost like a Caesar salad; minus the croutons, the dressing, and the cheese)
  • Warm low sodium vegetable broth.

Share your experience.

Your words of encouragement, stories of success, tips and tricks can help others through moments of weakness.  When we help others it can also be uplifting to oneself. is a great place to share with fellow cleansers.

* If you feel physically ill please stop the cleanse and contact your physician.