Essential Oils

Why They Work

These tiny plant molecules are so effective because they work in tandem with your nervous system and travel via your bloodstream.  Each plant has hundreds if not thousands of different compounds giving each their own unique set of beneficial properties.

An oil is "essential" in that it contains the very essence of the plant from which it’s derived.  Look for oils that are 100% pure and unadulterated, such as our G2 line.

Essential oils are the original medicine of man and are referenced in historical writings.  Hippocrates used them as far back as the 4th century BC to treat patients and studies are being conducted today on the effectiveness of essential oils on conditions ranging from anxiety and depression to specific cancers and tumoral growths.

How To Use Them


Apply to reflex points or area of concern.  Within seconds the oils are absorbed into your system  and oxygenating your cells (even the hardened ones).


The most convenient method is to inhale directly from the bottle or from a tissue stored in your pocket.  Three deep inhalations send the vapors of these therapeutic oils into our bloodstream via the lungs.  This is also the method in which signals are transmitted through the nervous system directly into the brain. This is a direct path to our limbic brain where our deepest seated emotions, experiences and traumas are stored.


Where applicable G2 Essential oils are GRAS by the FDA which means they are suitable for internal consumption. 
Many oils are hot and should be diluted or taken in a veggie cap. 
Before beginning this or any other wellness program please consult your physician.

Pure Therapeutic Grade

There are no industry standard on grades of essential oils.  This is why you must be ever diligent when selecting an essential oil.  Check labels for GRAS (nutritional labeling) and an ingredient list.  Note there are some oils that are not safe for internal consumption even in their purest form and these are labeled in our product description.  If you are purchasing a single essential oil there should not be more than one ingredient in your oil and that is the actual plant material.  Carrier oils can be added once you get them home if you choose to do so.  There is no reason to by diluted oils.

The cost of pure therapeutic grade oils are more than the diluted ones.  If a price seems too good to be true you may wish to reconsider your purchase. 

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